Artistic Metal Works - Frieght Information Click here to print this page for future reference.  

Please review our shipping and freight rate guidelines before placing your order:

  1. Freight for smaller orders, up to 200 lbs average will be between $1.50 & $2.20 per pound.
  2. Larger orders may be as little as $0.75 per lb when going by freight truck.
  3. Long bulky items like rails and stringers must be shipped via truck freight at rates as high as $5.00 per pound. Although actual shipping weight may be minimal, the dimensions will result in higher shipping costs.
  4. Deliveries to a residential address, destinations outside of regular delivery routes, extra length, power tail gate required, and other surcharges can add up quickly.
  5. You may be able to reduce shipping costs by having your order delivered to a major center where you can pick it up at the dock.
  6. For quickest response, please send your orders by email to or fax to (306) 721-0244.
  7. Please include: Name, Address, Telephone, Postal Code/Zip Code, Home or Business Location. Freight Quote requested [Yes/No].
  8. There is NO Duty or Tax on orders shipped to the USA!
  9. Please note that all prices on this website are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  10. US Shoppers, will save nearly 30% on all of our products and shipping charges due to the current strength of the US Dollar (USD).
Our "Order/Help Desk" is available TOLL FREE from anywhere in North America,
Monday - Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. local time.


We ship directly to your door. Delivery in Approximately 14 days on in stock items.

Our Fax Number: 1-306-721-0244