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Railings For Conventional Steps

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  1. Conventional Step - basic railings
  2. Rail #2 - landing railing only with columns & P7 designs added
  3. Rail #3 - two 3R44-36 railings with columns & P4 designs added
  4. Rail #4 - two 5R48-36 railings with columns & P7 designs added
  5. Rail #5 - one 3R48-36 railings with a column & P5 designs added
  6. Rail #6 - one 3R48-36 & 3R12-36 railing with a column & P4 designs added

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Railings For Side Steps

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  1. Side Step - basic railings
  2. Rail #1 - 4R60-36 with CP50-36 bolted on & P1 designs added

Railings For Crossover Steps

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  1. Crossover Step - basic railings, design may be added

Half Columns

ARTISTIC HALF COLUMNS fit between the railing and eave (See Photo) and have a telescopic top. You must remove the top of the column and cut it to the proper length. There are 12 different lengths of columns. Step landing to eave measurement ("E" in picture) may be between 84 and 150 inches. These columns are 14 inches wide and are built to take one ARTISTIC DESIGN.
  1. All half columns are the same price.
  2. TO ORDER a half column give total measurement from step landing to eave.

$93.50 Each

Design, Freight & Taxes extra.


ARTISTIC has 6 bolt on designs to choose from. These designs are numbered P1 to P9. Railings with landings 12 to 24" require one design (EG: 3R12-36). Railings with landings 30 to 72" require two designs (EG: 6R72-36). Cross rails and half columns require one design each.

$20.90 each

$31.90 each

$26.40 each

$27.50 each

$35.20 each

$35.20 each
Freight & Taxes extra.

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